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My Story

Years of experience with design, animation, video & editing somehow brought me to the medium of photography.

Hey, my name is Brecht, I’m a Portrait, Brand & Boudoir photographer located in Ghent, Belgium. Photography truly became a passion of mine when I realised how much creativity and emotion I could capture in a single image and the effect these images can have on the people appearing in them. I gives me so much joy to make someone feel good about themselves, their appearance, their body or even their products just by looking at a picture I took.


Aphotoshoot is something many people would never even consider because often times we compare ourselves to unrealistic beauty ideals we see around us everyday. It’s easy to forget your own value and beauty when scrolling through your social feeds but having a good photographer put you in a different light and taking his time to make you look amazing will give you a reminder of your own beauty for the rest of your life. It can truly be an empowering experience and it’s what I love to do!

George Helsington
Why Portrait?

Portrait photography is just a lot of fun! It allows you to capture someone exactly the way they are in a glimpse of moment between poses or pose them to evoke certain emotions or atmospheres. It’s such a wide field that the possibilities for creativity are endless and collaborating on set with the clients can lead to even better results!

Why Brand?

Brand is a very technical sort of photography that requires a lot of knowledge about lighting, camera equipment and post processing to name a few things. The quality of the images you put out as a brand really reflect on the quality of your brand itself. I like to focus on working with models for brands I personally support, this allows me to combine my expertise with portrait & boudoir with my technical know-how in post-processing.

Why Boudoir?

This is a question I often get and there’s a few answers I will go through here: Mainly it gives me the chance to go beyond just words. It allows me to show you, not tell you, how remarkable you really are. I get to see women really believe in their worth & strength and it helps them on their journey to accept themselves the way they are. Boudoir is much more than pictures in lingerie. It is an experience and a journey. It’s learning to see the best in yourself. It’s knowing you’re flawed and realizing that’s what makes you perfect. And with that acceptance comes the ability to show another side of yourself you might not even know you had inside you.
If you want to learn more on how i got into photography and specifically boudoir, check out my origin story.


Client experiences

What people say it's like working with me

I already had some experience with shoots, but this one with Brecht is certainly one of the better ones! I immediately felt comfortable and confident thanks to him. Besides that, the results were way above my expectations! Thanks again for the photos and the nice shoot 🙂

Yana by HST

I was very nervous coming into the studio but Brecht made me feel at ease immediately. He assisted me well in assuming the poses and made me look amazing in every picture. I'm very happy with the result.


The day before I started feeling a little nervous but also very excited. I didn’t know what to expect because I have zero experience. That was unnecessary. Brecht made me feel at ease from the start on. This turned out to be such a fun day with beautiful pictures in return. Brecht is very passionate in his work and gives you all the advice you need. Confidence boost check! To be continued..


Doing a boudoir shoot was an amazing experience! It's such an empowering feeling seeing yourself in this way!

Eline Bridal Boudoir by Helsington

Helsington Photography is a guarantee for beautiful, clean and perfectly edited and finished pictures that will meet the needs of your brand. Helsington masters the technical aspects of photography and retouching like no other. Brecht is extremely hard working and gives his all to deliver you what you need. Great for brand photography!


The photoshoot with Brecht was fun! He is well prepared, professional and makes you looks your best. I definitely recommend him!

Portrait by Helsington

Had an amazing experience with Brecht. I myself was fairly insecure. But I was soon put at ease by tips he gave me. Very happy with the results, could not have imagined it better!


Amazing and sweet person! With so much talent!


Nice, trustworthy guy! Did a great job 😉


Brecht knows how to put you at ease and makes you feel confident during the shoot. He has a great eye for photography and the way he edits is unique!


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Behind the scenes

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Portraiture & Business Photography

Portrait photography in natural light or studio environments for personal or professional use.


Brand & Product Photography

Themed shoots for brands showcasing products.
Social Media content & strategy.


Bridal & Intimate Boudoir Photography

Empowering photo experiences on location
with optional album prints.